Philosophy of Divine Love

Are you looking for lasting happiness?

(You will find the answer in the unique Vedic Philosophy of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj).

Every individual in this universe naturally desires unlimited everlasting happiness because he is a part of the reservoir of Bliss, Shri Krishna.

A number of philosophies are prevalent regarding the means to attain this infinite bliss but all these philosophies can be divided into just two. The first theory is that the 'I' is the body, and the second is that the "I" is the entiity called the soul apart from the body. Those that support the first view are called materialists. Those that support the second view are called spiritualists. Although the spiritualist & materialist criticize each other, in my opinion, both are naive. As the body and the soul have a harmonious eternal relationship.

One can practice proper spiritual discipline only by keeping the body healthy, and the existence of the body in turn depends upon the soul.

The infinite divine bliss desired by every individual can only be attained through the grace of Shri Krishna. The grace of Shri Krishna is attained only through complete surrender to Him. Hence the first step is to attain spiritual knowledge from a realized saint, i.e. one who has both theoretical knowledge & practical experience. Then one has to purify the mind through practice of spiritual discipline specified by the GURU. It is only after purification of heart that one can attain Divine Bliss through the grace of the GURU.

For the purification of the heart the only spiritual discipline is selfless nine-fold devotion to Shri Krishna.

By chanting His names, singing about His form, attributes, pastimes, abode, etc., one has to shed tears and create an ever-increasing intense longing for His divine darshan.

Abandoning all desire for the five kinds of liberation (sarshti, samipya, salokya, saroopya, sayujya) one has to practice uninterrupted devotion to Shri Krishna with the desire for selfless service solely to please Him.

It is only the mind that has to surrender or practice devotion (listening to His glories, chanting etc.). Therefore the mind should always be engaged in the remembrance of Shri Krishna. His names, forms, attributes, pastimes, abode and saints. With the body one should perform the required actions necessary for fulfilling the needs of the body. Thus, the mind attached to God and the body to work is the Karmyoga of the Gita and this alone is the Gyanyoga of the Vedanta.


Priceless Teachings

1. Shri Krishn and Bliss are both synonymous terms. Every one in this material world desires Bliss alone, hence he is a servant of Bliss. Thus, unknowingly he is a servant of Lord Krishn.

2. The path of devotion (bhakti yog) is the only means to attain Shri Krishn - (Bliss). This devotion is popularly known as navadha bhakti (Nine fold devotion).

3. Purification of the mind is possible only through devotional practice whereafter one attains perfect devotion, and realises Shri Krishn.

4. It is impossible to acquire divine qualities like truth, non-violence etc. without the purification of the mind.

5. Devotional practice is related to the mind alone. Devotion performed only with the sense organs is not devotion.

6. Love and hate in the material world have the same results. True detachment means neither love nor hate i.e. a state of indifference.

7. Devotional perfection is, seeing Shri Krishn in all beings both movable and immovable.

8. Human birth is invaluable but at the same time it is transitory. So even a moment's delay in devotional practice may bring about a great loss.

9. Perceiving faults in others is a positive evidence of one's own faults.

10. Devotional practice is possible only under the guidance of a true Saint.

Message from Shri Maharaj Ji

When an individual soul truly realizes that God and His Names are one and the same with equal powers and attributes, at that very moment he will attain God. Write this in Golden Words.

God is so merciful, He says 'O dear ones! I am present everywhere but you have no knowledge of this; I reside in my Divine abode Golok where you cannot come; I dwell in your heart but you are unaware of it.

... Therefore I seat Myself in My Names. If someone accepts this completely, then when he chants the name of God, when he just begins to say Radhe, he will be overcome with joy that his voice will be choked with emotions and he will be unable to speak.'

Then what is the delay in attaining God? What is the delay in receiving the Grace of the Guru?

Only have firm faith in this message,

Yours, Kripalu