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Radha Madhav Society (UK)

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Radha Madhav Society (UK) is a non-profit, religious, educational & charitable organisation. It serves as the United Kingdom's affiliate of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, which is the worldwide mission of His Divine Excellency Bhakti Yoga Rasavatara Shri 1008 Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, the supreme acharya of this age

The society was formed in 1988 by H.H. Dr Bageeshwari Devi under the name of International Bhakti Yoga Sadhana Society, IBYSS. The name was changed to Radha Madhav Society (UK) in 2006.


Aims & Objectives

1. To reveal the eternal knowledge of the Vedas, and to widely propagate it for the benefit of mankind.

2. To clarify the misunderstandings prevalent amongst people regarding the true meaning of the scriptures, and to establish bhaktiyog as the simple, straightforward path to God realization, as recommended by all the scriptures.

3. To provide sincere seekers the opportunity to practice the path of bhaktiyog in the association of other devotees and adopt these teachings to their lives.

4. To teach, inspire and guide aspiring devotees in their spiritual progress, and suggest easy means for spiritual upliftment.

5. To be empathetic to the problems of the deprived sections of society, and alleviate their miseries by collecting and distributing financial aid, clothing, medical supplies, etc.



1. Propagation of Hindu Philosophy via the distribution of literature, audio & video material.

2. Imparting eternal knowledge of the scriptures through Didi Ji's lecture programs in UK, India and Hong Kong.

3. Holding regular meditation (Satsang) programs at our location or at the residence of devotees upon invitation.

4. Provide one-on-one guidance sessions with Didi Ji to aid a devotee in their spiritual advancement.

5. Raising funds for humanitarian purposes.


Radha Madhav

Madhav is another name of the Supreme Divine Personality Shri Krishna. The meaning of 'Madhav' is 'Master of Yogmaya'.

Yogmaya is the name of the bliss yielding energy of Shri Krishna. This bliss yielding energy is Shri Radha as one who is worshipped and loved by the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna (Madhav) as She is the source of this bliss.

However, Shri Radha and Shri Krishna are in fact one!

joi radha soi krishna haim, in a mem bheda na mana, ika haim hladini sakti aru saktimana ika jana - Bhakti Shatak.

(Meaning: Shri Krishna is the inseparable form of Shri Radha and Shri Radha is the inseparable form of Shri Krishna. Shri Radha is the Hladini Sakti (Bliss Potency) and Shri Krishna is the possessor of this energy)

The Supreme Personality Shri Krishna becomes Shri Radha Krishna in the field of Divine pastimes. These pastimes are eternal as the forms of Shri Radha and Krishna are also eternal.

Shri Radha Madhav ki Jai!